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Designed with business in mind, so you can focus on working instead of worrying about the venue.

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Predictable Pricing,
All Amenities Included

Our pricing includes everything you need:

  • Custom setup
  • Technology
  • Free Parking
  • Coffee/Snacks
  • High-speed Wifi
  • Whiteboards

How to schedule your next event

At West End Conference Center

1. Reserve A Date

Fill out our simple online booking inquiry form and schedule a call with one of our Event Coordinators.

2. Arrange Details

Communicate with one of our Event Coordinators to lock in your date, confirm technology and space needs, arrange any food & beverage services and get a quote.

3. Get to work

Your people show up for an event experience that allows them to accomplish all their goals. You don't worry about the details because everything has already been taken care of!

Let's make it happen

Designed with

Businesses in Mind

We started West End Conference Center because we are committed to providing a great business experience.

Most hotels and many other event venues are not set up with business in mind.

We serve great food, you'll never get unexpected charges, we provide attentive support during the event, and make sure the rooms get set up correctly.

West End Conference Center is different.

We have designed the space so that you can get more work done while you’re here.

  • Presentation and call-in technology that just works

  • Various spaces for different size groups

  • Multiple room setup arrangements

  • Flexible catering options

  • A distraction-free environment designed for businesses

Why go off-site?

Sometimes you just need to get your team out of the office to get important work done.

Lots of space!

Room for larger teams and all-team meetings.


Executive teams or boards can discuss big picture or sensitive topics.


Distraction-free environment for focused planning or problem solving.

"This was a great location for our Scrum training! We had fast wifi, fully stocked kitchen, lots of break-out spaces, and comfortable chairs."

Amy Livingston

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